Summer solstice february 21 astrology

Venus enters Taurus. Mercury enters Taurus. Sun enters Taurus. Mars enters Cancer. Mercury enters Gemini. Venus enters Gemini. Jupiter enters Pisces. Sun enters Gemini. Venus enters Cancer. Mars enters Leo.

Summer solstice and its influence on the zodiac signs

Sun enters Cancer Summer Solstice. Venus enters Leo. Mercury enters Cancer. Lilith enters Gemini. Venus enters Virgo. Sun enters Leo. Mercury enters Leo. Jupiter enters Aquarius. Mars enters Virgo.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Mercury enters Virgo. Venus enters Libra. Sun enters Virgo. Mercury enters Libra. Venus enters Scorpio. Mars enters Libra. Sun enters Libra Autumn Equinox. Venus enters Sagittarius. Sun enters Scorpio.

Your June Horoscope: Summer Love and Yet Another Retrograde

Mars enters Scorpio. Mercury enters Scorpio. Sun enters Sagittarius. Mercury enters Sagittarius. Watch as the bees and butterflies feed from the flowers, in turn pollenating and spreading life and beauty. There is a balanced exchange, an infinite dance of reciprocation. Dear Libra , this summer solstice it is okay to indulge, it is okay to be excessive, allow yourself to have fun. The Devil is not about dark forces, it is about your relationship to pleasure and the physical world. The Devil wants you to dance, to drink, to laugh, to play.

There is healthy excess, and then there is destructive excess, which leads to addiction and codependency. Discernment is key. You know within when enough is enough. You know when your desires help or hinder you. Spend time with the sun. There is nothing like spending a day in the warmth and embrace of the sun, absorbing the light and producing much needed vitamin D.

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Dear Scorpio , this summer solstice give birth to new opportunities, and new ways of feeling abundant. It also brings forth positive news in terms of health, introducing nutrient rich foods and implementing new exercise regimes. We do not have to wait for something to happen in order to feel abundant or healthy.

Does the love around you make you feel abundant? Does choosing a piece of fruit over a piece of pie make you feel more in control of your body? Small changes in choice and perspective can help align you to a frequency of prosperity and wellbeing. Spend time with the forest. See the abundance of life that it holds.

Summer Solstice Astrology

There are countless trees, choirs of birds, a confetti of flowers. Know that there is more than enough. Dear Sagittarius , this summer solstice step into your new awareness. You know that when you prick your finger with a needle, you feel pain, so you consciously avoid that.

What causes you pain? What do you continue to return to, knowing that it will harm you? This does not mean to let go of all things difficult, but it does mean to decide whether it is worth it. Recognize what you must abandon in order to ascend. Spend time with a rose bush. Pick a rose from a wild bush. Are the thorns too much? Can you weave around them, to safely get to the flower? Is the effort worth the reward? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

The solstice is here! Welcome to Cancer season.

Dear Capricorn , this summer solstice be aware of the energy you radiate, so you may better know the energy you will receive. Make sure you put out what you want to get back. Are you constantly judging others? Are you focusing on the negative?

What the Summer Solstice Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Are you filled with fear and worry? If so, shift that now. The mind is your servant, and not the other way around. Your power is in your perspective. Spend time with a fruit tree, whether it is apples, peaches, or pears. For a tree to bare fruit, all the conditions must be right; the wind, the soil, the light, the water.

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Think of yourself as the environment, in order to reach your goals and produce desired results; cultivate your mind, body, spirit, and heart. Dear Aquarius , this summer solstice find joy in transition. Sister of Fire asks you to be lithe, to move with the tides of change and not against it. She sees the opportunity in every endeavor, whether big or small. When summer wanes, and the cold winds of fall come gently, can you still dance with the same jubilance? Can you find the fire and passion within, no matter the outside circumstances?

Practice holding your flame. Burn steadily and brightly by investing in your inner world, more so than your outer world. Spend time with the sunset. Watch as the sun bids farewell, casting a magical aura in the sky. It is just as beautiful as when in full glow, and the night brings its own wonder, different from the day, but wondrous just the same.