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We often overlook the fact that because the angles are axes, that considering one without the other is only getting half of the picture. The key with any axis, with any perfect opposition, is to find balance between the energy and motivations represented by the signs.

A person with Pisces on the MC will want to appear as compassionate and spiritual; a person with Aries on the MC will want to appear strong and independent. Looking at the house, sign, aspects, and general condition of the planet that rules the sign on the Midheaven will give more insight into how an individual may tend to go about pursuing their life path.

The thing to keep in mind about the MC is that it represents how and where we want to be recognized and appreciated for our individual contributions to society. The IC, on the other hand, represents the most personal, the most private point in the chart. The IC is how we connect with our soul identity, and indeed, the IC is where and how we connect with our past, our roots, our ancestors, and our source. Without a solid foundation from the IC, however, we can never experience the success and recognition that we seek though the MC.

The person with Pisces on the MC will have Virgo on their IC, and without a fundamental understanding of how to discriminate and stay grounded in the physical, they will never be anchored enough to explore the compassionate and healing energy of Pisces; the person with Aries on the MC has a Libra IC, and in order to be able to go out on their own as an individual, they have to have a solid understanding of how to maintain an internal balance and harmony, a foundation of peace from which they can take focused action. As with the MC, looking at the placement and condition of the planet that rules the IC will give more insight into how an individual may experience and express this part of their lives.

Tracey asked about Saturn transiting the IC, for example. Well, since Saturn is always about taking responsibility, about creating structure and crystallizing things, when Saturn transits the IC, we often experience a time when we must take responsibility for our personal life. This may involve our families both of choice and of origin , or it could also have to do with firming up and structuring our core emotional identity.

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Clockwise Whole House Rotation & The Natal Cross in Astrology

This makes you an asset to society as a commentator, observer, translator, and broadcaster. Your kind of fluid intelligence can be an eye-opener to more rigid minds. This gives you an important role, as a messenger of changes in thinking. You come across to the public as intuitive, caring, and able to read situations on a deep level. Some possible fields for you are pediatrics, healing therapies, child care, and education, intelligence services, and social support. Your ability to tune into emotional moods makes you good at influencing others in public service, or in commercial fields like advertising, marketing.

You are trusted and liked, and this helps you form webs of support that help you in your career through word of mouth. You'll likely find mentoring others a natural role. Your imaginative gifts find a channel in the arts, and you could make a name as a translator of human emotion through your work.

General Astrology

With your Midheaven in Leo, you've got a commanding presence that works well in many fields, including government, teaching, acting, sales, management. You bring color to your leadership style and might have creative talent, too.

An over-the-top personality that lights up the room makes it easy for you to make the right connections. You could enjoy fun jobs like wedding or party planning, import-export, being the big boss of your own company.

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You'll enjoy cultivating a public style, and like to be in the spotlight. You're apt to be popular in your community, with a wide sphere of influence. You strive to be in the "Who's Who" and don't mind dropping names to get ahead.

Midheaven in Astrology

Flash, dynamism, warmth, generosity—all these traits cause you to leave a lasting impression. You like to have a stable routine in your chosen work and be immersed in detailed fine-tuning kinds of activities. An analyzing mind makes you a thorough researcher, writer, teacher, librarian, public servant, or data collector. You don't mind specializing, and might be drawn into particular fields of science or medicine. Those with earthy charts channel that love of a daily rhythm into farming, healing, alternative medicine.

The Ascendant/Descendant, MC/IC at the Anaretic degree in the birth chart

You make your mark as someone that works hard and has high integrity, along with a sense of duty and service. Your work may involve healing the Earth, purifying the body of dis-ease, teaching others about the inter-dependence of systems. You could find fulfillment in holistic health fields, literature, creating healing environments like spas, health food stores or yoga centers.

With a Midheaven in Libra, you have a polished, sociable public persona that allows you to make good connections. You project an image of fairness and flexibility. A versatile attitude allows you to go with the flow and adjust your career path as times change. Your eye for what's in style translates well to image consulting, decorating, the arts, entertainment media. But you're just as likely to go for intellectual careers, like law, politics, public policy, diplomacy, or writing.

Your sense of balance and high level of integrity makes you a sought-after partner in any business. Having charm in spades makes you a good interviewee, and inspires others to help you up the ladder of success. You're able to go deeply into one field of endeavor and become an expert researcher, leaving no stone unturned.

Your penetrating mind is both respected and feared by colleagues.

Sun enters Scorpio

You excel in areas like depth psychology, criminal investigating, hypnosis, dramatic arts, or social sciences. You prefer to have long periods to work in solitude without interruption. You might make your mark by transforming waste into something reusable. You shine light into the shadows and are not afraid to tread in dark, primal psychic territory. You're good at spotting hidden motives, and this serves you in any endeavor. You're likely to undergo a metamorphosis several times, possibly changing careers.

People with Midheavens in Sagittarius are expansive and open to inter-disciplinary fields. Drawn to sharing what you know with others, through teaching, counseling or as a spiritual quester and guide.

Using Your Midheaven as a Career Guide

You're the eternal student and thrive in life work that allows you to research, investigate, explore, philosophize and connect dots. Some such fields are higher education, the clergy, journalism, languages, writing, photography, filmmaking, and theatre. Travel unlocks new possibilities, as you weave in cross-cultural influences, ideas, and wisdom.

The 10th House in Astrology

You're suited to climbing personal mountains and have a heightened level of endurance to reach your goals. Those with earthy charts veer into fields like farming, real estate, food product businesses, horticulture. This is a mega-ambitious Midheaven and one that gears you toward stability, wealth-building and slow, sure steps to success.