Aquarius horoscope 10 march 2020

It will demand you to increase your focus on your career and will also enhance your communication skills.

This period is also going to favor your chances of getting selected in a job interview, with the help of your eloquence and intellect. Salary increments, wealth accumulations and good income prospects will be hindered for Aquarius moon sign natives until 23 rd September , as Ketu is going to occupy your 11 th house until this date. The best professional periods for Aquarius moon sign natives will be marked by the exaltations of key planets in the year You need to figure out what kinds of career expectations you have for the year , and pick up the growth periods accordingly to ensure you get to utilize the best of these phases.

According to Aquarius Career horoscope, there will be a range of favorable professional periods for the natives in the year , beginning February, when Venus is going to move into an exalted state staring 3 rd Feb of the month until 29 th , to help you get recognition for your efforts and hard work.

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The month of March, when an exalted Mars is going to bless you with its positive energies, is going to offer you strength, courage and competitive abilities to move past the challenges towards a better career. This period is going to last just over a month starting 22 nd March and ending on 4 th May But worry not, as these are not the only promising period of the year Your next advantageous period will come pretty soon after thus when Sun is going to get exalted during 13 th April to 14 th May This would be your time to gain name, fame and status in your job.

Business professionals will get to create a niche for themselves in the industry they belong to. And, service professionals will witness an augmentation in her social status with arise up in their position. Aquarius Career horoscope demands a cautious approach during the debilitated and retrograde periods of planets, in the year During the initial months, the retrogression of Mercury from 17 th February to 10 th March is going to be the first period of restrain for Aquarius moon sign natives, in the year They need to analyze their options well before making a final call in this period, and must also think well before uttering anything in front of family, friends, seniors or colleagues.

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This period can really mess up with your communication skills and might give you some sudden professional loss or an unexpected break in career. Therefore, you are required to be very careful in your approach to work during 14 th May to 13 th September.

In fact, delaying the process of applying for a new job or appearing for a job interview for a better time after this period, will be beneficial for you, in the long-term. When Saturn is going to retrograde from 11 th May to 29 th September , you will need to keep your income gain expectations rather low, especially from foreign sources.

Further the debilitation of Venus from 23 rd October to 17 th November and that of Sun from 17 th October to 16 th November are going to ask you to keep your guards lowered and do not plan for any major professional activities in these periods. You will make new connections and get to expand your professional networks in the year Aquarius moon sign natives will get good support of their colleagues and seniors, in the New Year to make wiser career decisions.

Partnership projects and ventures will work well and you may make connects with foreign clients or colleagues as there are chances of you moving abroad for professional endeavors, in the year Do not mix your personal and professional relations, this year as may backfire and could prove detrimental for your career growth.

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For those Aquarius natives who are going to start their professional journey in the year , you will get good opportunities to launch your career. However, be cautious of being too pompous in your attitude. Also, do not be much of a daredevil in the year , as taking high risks is not going to prove rewarding, at such an early stage of your career. Login Sign Up. Conflicts in the family where they occur will be the result of tricks, intrigues, lies and other wrongdoing.

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